Manor Cabinetry is the mountain wests largest wholesale supplier for stock cabinetry.

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  • Carb2 Cabinetry
  • Metal Clip Assembly System
  • Full Warranty on all painted doors
  • UV Coatings on all painted doors
  • Full Overlay Cabinetry
  • Finished interiors and exteriors
  • Solid wood 5/8” dovetail drawers
  • Wood cabinet boxes
  • Soft close drawers (Monarch Series)


  Large assortment of bridge wall cabinets allow designs w. double stacked cabinets to accommodate a larger variety of new design trends.

  Glass cabinets in stock w. 2 styles of glass for all bridge wall cabinets

  Large assortment of specialty cabinets

  Large assortment of vanity cabinets to accommodate new construction demands

  Large assortment of plant on ends and sizes for upscale home designs

  True shaker accessories for a truly finished shaker look.

• Metal quick clip assembly: Our design allows an average of 5 minutes time savings per cabinet when compared to similar methods.  Assemble more cabinets per hour and save time and money.

• Automated spray lines for consistency. Conversion varnish finishes providing added wear, durability and cleaning benefits.

• UV Light curing applied after top coats.  UV allows an industry leader like Manor Cabinetry to provide this crucial and most important final step to harden the door finish and protect your investment.